Campus Security Report

Campus Security Report is aimed directly at campus law enforcement executives and our staffs. Each issue is full of useful, down to earth information, as well as stories involving innovation and new programs.”
Michael B. Alsup, Chief of Police, Harper College, Palatine, IL

Your one-stop source for the latest trends, legal developments, and specific strategies you can use right away to prevent and manage substance abuse, hazing, residence hall safety, violence, unanticipated natural disasters, and much more.

Don’t just react to campus crises—prevent and prepare for them.

  • Avert crime and protect property proactively
  • Develop legally sound policies and procedures
  • Protect people and property from fire
  • Curb drug and alcohol-related crime
  • Efficiently manage crowds

Top 5 Reasons to Subscribe

  1. Our original surveys provide the data you need to advocate for resources
  2. Just one idea in the next issue could help you prevent a crime
  3. Get tips on educating students about taking responsibility for their own personal safety
  4. Find tested best practices to address your day-to-day challenges
  5. Learn about the latest campus security technology from peers who are using it

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Campus Security Report is filled with strategies to ensure you’re prepared to keep everyone safe during any type of emergency. With solid, ongoing crisis management guidance, you’ll be confident responding to unexpected tragedies.

What’s more, with Campus Security Report you’ll learn how to structure your procedures to comply with all state and federal regulations, and you’ll learn of the latest court decisions involving campus security and campus police activities so you can spot weaknesses in your programs and policies that leave you vulnerable to litigation. Timely features cover essential topics in depth including:

  • Leaders & Innovators: hear from the most experienced leaders in the field and gain expert advice on issues you struggle with day to day—from alcohol abuse to crowd management.
  • Policies & Procedures: benefit from your colleagues’ trial and error by modeling your policies on successful ones.
  • Lawsuits & Rulings: know the latest lawsuits and rulings involving campus-related crime and campus police activities so you can avoid the mistakes that have landed other institutions in court.
  • Legislative Watch: be alerted to bills pending in Congress and state legislatures and learn how they will impact you and your institution.
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  • Meet the Editor

    Joan Hope
    Managing Editor

    Joan Hope became editor of Campus Security Report in 2014. She brings years of experience in higher education and journalism to her work.

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